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Consistency: from kindergarten to high school
Small class size: curriculum is designed for small class with less than 36 students in National Division and less than 24 students in International Division; each students will get more attention and caring.
Modules: curriculum is designed based on eight modules to meet the needs of overall developments of students
Diversity: a wide range of curriculum to meet the needs of every single student
Collectivization: Peking University Experimental School with mature education system has more than 30 branches located in different areas.
一體化  課程體系按幼小初高一貫制研發
小班化  課程設計適合小班化教學亚美APP下载-亚美官网app,實驗班每班不超過36人亚美APP下载-亚美官网app,國際班每班不超24人亚美APP下载-亚美官网app,讓每一個孩子得到更多的關注及投入
模塊化  八大模塊為框架的課程體系設置,滿足學生全面發展需求
多樣化  豐富的課程可滿足各類學生的發展需求
集團化  北大附屬實驗學校體系下30多所學校分布于華北、華東、華南及東北地區,集團化辦學,具有成熟完善的教育教學系統

1 Traditional Cultural Education
Traditional culture education is consisted of Sinology reading, classics reading, essay writing, movie appreciation, local culture appreciation and national course, to cultivate students with profound traditional cultural awareness and humanistic quality.

2. Cross-cultural Understanding and Communication
We offer extensive and selected English courses and international study-field trips to improve students' English reading and speaking ability, to help students to understand cultural diversity, to cultivate an understanding of cross-cultural communication and to promote exchange and communication in different languages, for the purpose of developing students' international-mindedness.

3. Peking University Spirit Education
Peking University  Spirit education is affiliated with Peking University spirit with the culture of Western Liaoning province. It sets "spirit" as the core of education, develops a series of Peking University Experiencing Spirit Curricula, cultivating students with beneficial and impressive spirit.

4. Trans-disciplinary Curriculum with Inquiry Study at the Core
With teacher's guidance, students select topics and design research projects independently and conduct trans-disciplinary learning activities around six themes, enhancing their curiosity and perceptive understanding. With comprehensive learning and skills training, students develop understanding of concepts, attitudes, creative and critical thinking, active exploration and innovative thinking, responsibility and initiative, will be shaped into a competitive elite in the future.

5 S.T.E.M Core Literacy
STEM core literacy focuses on four major science areas that cover science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, also focuses on a mixture of subjects, logical thinking and skills training. It develops and utilizes various fields with resources such as parents, society, governments, enterprises, media, celebrities, engineers and scientists. Students then can enhance their technological literacy and innovation ability in all directions.

6 Life as an Education Philosophy
We pursue comprehensive educational philosophy, provide boarding services, and inherit Tao Xingzhi's "life is education philosophy", which embeds education in daily life. The philosophy also develops the students' basic skills, such as interpersonal skill and self-management.

7 Sport and Fitness
We offer a wide range of sports and after-school activities which cater for individuals' personality, such as sportsmanship and teamwork ability.

8 Talent and the Arts
Students will have a wide range of optional classes, such as music, visual and fine art, calligraphy, dancing, design and drama based on their interests. These diversity in classes will develop students' ability in aesthetic, art appreciation and artistic temperament. 
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