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Welcome to the Peking University Experimental School Su Qian campus website where we hope to offer you an insight into

life on our campus.  We are very much an inclusive community where we value and nurture effective and productive relationships

between students, parents and teachers.  The diversity of our community is something we value and celebrate where each member

of our community can find a place where they can be themselves.


The first thing that strikes most visitors to the school is our warm, welcoming and vibrant learning environment and culture.  There is also

a palpable energy and sense of purpose as well as a strong work ethic, exemplified by staff and students alike. Our students are serious

about their learning and our teachers and staff nurture, guide and support them every step of the way.

We have a strong commitment to academic achievement and success for each individual student.  That alone however is only one part of what we value

at the Su Qian Campus in ensuring our students are well-educated and prepared for life beyond school. With numerous extra-curricular activities and

opportunities on offer students are encouraged to get involved and engage with a wide range of experiences. We especially focus on building self-awareness,

self-esteem and leadership skills in our students and encourage them to lead active healthy lives.


The Peking University objectives says it all. Ours is a culture where we take responsibility to "cultivate a student achieving his best in morals, talents, communication,

aesthetics and physical capability." – a laudable goal that we strive for every day!
The team at Su Qian very much look forward to having the opportunity to welcome you to our truly wonderful school.
Paul Wilson
Head of Schools (International Division)
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