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Suqian is one of four International Divisions in the PKUES family. The other schools are located in Jiaxing,  Langfang, and Jinzhou. Belonging to a family of schools brings a richness of experience, resources and opportunities for our students as we participate together in the PKUES International Family.
International Primary program
International Junior High program
International Barstow program
Beginning in September 2019, PKUES (Su Qian) has partnered with Barstow School in the USA to provide a quality American Style High School Education at our Su Qian campus. In grade 11 and 12 students will have the opportunity sit the AP exams, and then to graduate with the prestigious Barstow High School Diploma. Our graduating students will be well prepared to apply for American Universities and other leading universities around the world.
北大附屬宿遷實驗學校已經與美國巴斯圖學校達成合作,將于2019年9月開始為宿遷校區國際部學子提供高質量的美式高中教學。高二和高三年級的同學將有機會參加AP考試亚美APP下载-亚美官网app,然后即可獲得注明的美國巴斯圖高中文憑, 為申請美國大學和其他世界一流大學做好充分準備亚美APP下载-亚美官网app。
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